About Us

Black Isle Biltong was setup during the first lockdown of Covid-19, whilst biltong had been made for personal consumtion for many years prior, an idea arose to see if it could be done on a commercial scale here in the Highlands of Scotland.

We have a unit in Avoch on the Black Isle where the process side of things happen, we have a dryer imported from Cape Town to work it's magic.

We supply a few shops and pubs around the Highlands and we only sell direct ourselves on our website as we don't have a shop 

Wheather you are a biltong connoisseur or just discovering this delectable treat, we invite you to explore our wide range of flavours and styles.

From traditional to innovative, we offer a biltng experience tailored to your preferences.

Thank you for choosing Black Isle Biltong. Join us in savoring the authentic taste of Biltong and embracing a culinary journey that celebrates tradition, quaity and satisfaction.